Please , release the funny " Duck Bomb " , Valofe !


Hello Valofe ,

As we all know , Combat Arms became less funny , years after years .

The old funny items(like the guitar's guns,fish gun , heavy metal microphone and so on.. ) are now removed from the game since a patch.

Since years , a member of our community , called OverConfidence or LuckyCurse (on Nexon's forum) created a lot of amazing skins and helped a lot the community and GM's.

Nexon , promised to us to made fews of his skins but they never did it..

That's why , now , we are asking to you , Valofe , please , to release at least one of his skins , probably the most loved skin he made , the "Duck Bomb ".

Make the game fun again , thank's this member of our community , at least one time.


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