The Netherlands, a country of human rights, must refuse a criminal on its territory.

                               A life of human dignity for all

Here is an except of how Col Leonidas Kiziba and his gang tortured former 
VP Alphonse Kadege. Will Dutch Government allow Kiziba, an alleged
criminal enter the Netherlands?
Senior Police officer CPP Léonidas Kiziba has been appointed as military
attache at Burundi embassy in the Hague / Holland. Since 2006,
CPP Kiziba played a role in the oppression, torture and killings
of opposition members.

According to US Embassy in Burundi cable from April 17 2007,
Leonidas Kiziba admitted to US diplomats the torture of detainees
including former VP A. Kadege

The Netherlands has a rich tradition of defending human rights,
both at home and abroad. Doing so is a moral and legal obligation,
besides which respect for human rights leads to a more stable and
prosperous world, which also benefits the Netherlands.



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